(May  2019)


The following Rules and Regulations are required as a condition of occupancy.


Seasonal campers:

Check in date – April 15        Check out date – Oct 15        Weather Permitting


Site lease/rental payment – A $500.00 non refundable deposit is due by October 15 for the commitment of the following year camping season. The balance owing is due by March 31 of that year’s camping season. SLR reserves the right to charge a fee for late payments. Anyone not renewing their site rental must have all their property removed by October 14th and the site left in acceptable condition for the next renter to move in.


Site lease agreement: A new lease agreement is required annually and due by March 31 of that years camping season. Sites will only be registered to persons 18 years of age and older. The registered occupant assumes all responsibility for behaviour and or damages caused by their family and or guests.


On site Camping units: Park models, fifth wheels, travel trailers and motor homes (in running condition) are permitted in the park provided that they are properly insured and in good condition and have been approved by Management. Campers insured by MPI must have their plates on the camper. The above mentioned campers should be kept in clean condition and are subject to approval by Management before entering the park and during the camping seasons. No mobile homes, permanent dwellings, or year round residence under any circumstances.


Hydro: Every site is supplied with 30 amp service. Anyone wishing to have power between October 15 and April 15 must inform management prior to arriving. A $20 per day charge will be applied. Tampering with park breakers, electrical service connections, or other park utility connections is strictly forbidden. Please contact the management in case of trouble. All fridges or freezers must be energy efficient and no older than the year 2000 and placed in an enclosed structure away from the direct heat of the sun. Air condition units, heaters and patio lights should be turned off when you are away. Patio and yard lights must be on photocell or timers if left on while you are away.


Water usage: Water usage is for domestic use only, no vehicle washing. All hoses and couplers must be kept in good working condition with no leaks.


Trash/Garbage: All garbage must be placed in garbage bags and deposited at the designated garbage bins. Furniture, appliances, mattresses, BBQ’s and other large items to be trashed are the responsibility of the tenant and may not be left at the garbage bins. There is a designated area for dumping these items as well as for leaves, branches and other burnable items on the south side of the park. During the off season of October 15 to April 15 please take your garbage/trash back home with you.

Trees and Brush: Absolutely no clearing of brush or trees. Tree and brush removal require approval by the Tree and Building Committee.


All buildings, concrete and pavers must be applied for in writing and approved by the Tree and Building Commitee prior to construction. All tenants are required to obtain permits when required by the RM of Dufferin. All buildings and electrical must be to code. Any fines or fees charged to SLR by the RM of Dufferin due to improper construction will be payable by the tenant.


On site improvements: All buildings, tree/shrub removal, concrete, pavers, decks and steps require approval by the Tree and Building Committee. All buildings must be a minimum of 10 feet from any other structure. All buildings may be subject to the RM of Dufferin taxes to be payable by the tenant. No lofts or sleeping quarters in any buildings. No heaters or AC units in any buildings. Building maximum sizes are as follows:

Sheds – 10’ X 12’ – maximum. NO EXCEPTIONS. No permit required.

Gazebos – 12’ X 14’ – maximum. Any permits and or fees are payable by the tenant applying for the permit. Any taxes that may be applied by the RM of Dufferin in regards to these buildings are payable by the tenant. Anything over 120 sq ft requires a permit.

Covered Wood Boxes – As per approval by the Tree and Building Committee.

Cook Shelter or Outdoor Kitchen – As per approval by the Tree and Building Committee.


All the above mentioned buildings are one each per site depending on the size of each site.


Fences – 6’ tall is maximum

Decks – As per approval by the Tree and Building Committee.

Concrete or Paving Stones – no maximum dimensions


All tools and power tools used for constructing are prohibited from being used before 10:00 am and after 5:30 pm during the Camping season. No construction noise on Sundays.


Site Maintenance: Each tenant is responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy appearance of their site – this includes controlling weeds and cutting grass. Management reserves the right to assess a tenants site and to notify the tenant if site is unkept. SLR reserves the right to apply herbicides, pesticides and or insecticides as deemed necessary by management.


Site Improvement Sales: If you are wanting to sell your site improvements an “Application to Sell Form” must be filled out and handed in to a Site Sales Committee member prior to any selling/buying negotiations. SLR is obligated to give first rights on negotiations to any Shareholder to acquire and or negotiate with the seller before anyone else. After a selling form has been completed and there are no Shareholders intending on negotiating on your sale you are free to sell, advertise and negotiate your site improvements and or your camper as you choose. Once negotiations are agreed upon, the “Selling” form must be completed at the bottom of the same form with the buyer/new tenant information and handed in to a Site Sales Committee member where upon the buyer will be given a copy of SLR’s Rules and Regulations and they must sign in agreement to these rules and regulations as a condition of purchasing site improvements and as a condition of occupancy. Approval of the incoming camper must also be given before occupancy of the intended camper is to be placed at the site.


Street Safety:

The speed limit throughout the park is 15 km/h

All motorized vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles, electric golf carts are only permitted to be driven in the park by persons with a valid drivers license and must have fully operating lights, must be insured and or licensed and should be operated in a safe and respectful manner.


ATV’s and or dirt bikes are not allowed to be driven inside the park.


Bicycles: SLR encourages the use of bikes for fun and exercise. Parents are responsible for their children on bikes and that they adhere to bike safety on the roads and trails in the park.


Children: Tenants are responsible for their children and their behaviour and or any children left in their care. SLR has an 11pm curfew for all children under the age of 18 who are not under the supervision of their parent or guardian. SLR does not permit the consumption of alcohol by any person under the age of 18 years.


Pets: Pets are welcome. Dogs must be on a leash at all times! Owners are responsible to pick up droppings left by their pets. Barking and or aggressive dogs for which complaints are received will be dealt with promptly. Failure to comply may lead to eviction. No pets allowed in any SLR buildings.


Noise level: No excessive noise between the hours of 11 pm and 8 am. Please respect your neighbours!


Fireworks: Due to Regulations and liabilities all fireworks are prohibited from the campground.


Block Parties: Block parties are allowed and encouraged as long as the noise by-laws are adhered to and they do not block off the entrance to the bays.


Septic Tanks: To have your septic tank emptied please leave a message at 204-828-3555. Please do not flush sanitary napkins, diapers, etc into the septic tanks.


Commercialism: Commercialism and or soliciting is prohibited in the park without management authorization.


Swimming Pools: Absolutely no swimming pools or hot tubs allowed on SLR property.


Parking: absolutely no parking that obstructs the flow of traffic on the roadways. Guests or visitors may park their vehicles in designated parking areas.


Personal Injury and Property: SLR and its management and staff shall not be liable for injury to persons, including tenants and their guests, or for property damage due to fire, theft or accident.

When in doubt about SLR’s Rules and Regulations, please ask the appropriate SLR Committee member. Infractions of these Rules and Regulations will be brought to your attention by Management. At the discretion of Management, up to 3 written warnings may be issued prior to eviction. Management reserves the right to evict and terminate the rental/ lease agreement with the registered tenant without refund of rental fee.


We appreciate your patronage and shall try in every way possible to make your stay at SLR a pleasant experience.


Happy Camping Everyone!

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