Committee/Managment Information

Board Members for 2019

Tim Doerksen – President (Wilderness Bay #37)
Harold Purkess – Vice President (Wilderness Bay #7)
Dan Klassen – Treasurer (Wilderness Bay #10)
Diane Bazin – Secretary (Wilderness Bay #31)


Board Members:
Charlotte Fehr (Wilderness Bay #18)
Dan Klassen (Wilderness Bay #10)
Peter Dyck (Wilderness Bay #17)
Tim Doerksen (Wilderness Bay #37)
Harold Purkess (Wilderness Bay #7)
Bert Friesen (Wilderness Bay #13)
Diane Bazin (Wilderness Bay #31)

Tenants' Committee

Murray Peirson – Representative of Outback Bay, Eagle Place and Vanguard
Sue Goertzen – Representative of  Wanderer Bay, Emerald Cove and Shasta Place
Fred Delaney – Representative of Montana Bay and Avion Way
Darcy McDonald – Representative of Wilderness Bay and Topaz
Anna Wall – Representative of Wildwood Bay and Children’s Program / Activities

Tree and Building Committee

Tim Doerksen – Head of Committee
Harold Purkess
Pete Dyck

Maintenance Committee

Harold Purkess – Head of Committee
Pete Dyck
Bert Friesen

Site & Trailer Sales and Subletting Committee

Charlotte Fehr – Head of Committee
Dan Klassen

** With assistance from board members, as needed.

Entertainment Committee

Tim Doerksen – Head of Committee
Charlotte Fehr
Trudy Froese

Long-Term Planning Committee

Harold Purkess – Head of Committee
Harry Fehr
Normand Rheault

Residents Responsibilities

*To know, understand and observe the Standards of Stephenfield Lake Resort as listed and to apply the GOLDEN RULE to the fullest degree, which will ensure every resident of a comfortable, happy and carefree “home-away-from-home.”

Management Responsibilites

*To enforce the Standards of Stephenfield Lake Resort and help all residents understand the importance of observing these Standards.
*To provide safe, comfortable living conditions to all Residents in Stephenfield Lake Resort.
*To give service.
*To assure you of accessibility to Management.
*To listen and respond to Residents’ needs and wants in a timely and direct manner.
*To have cheerful employees who care about your needs and are eager to give assistance whenever needed.
*To provide security for the well being of our Resort and its Residents.
*To be honest, forthright and direct in all communications with Residents.*To follow the GOLDEN RULE in treating all our Residents fairly and to give the respect you all deserve.


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